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Plaza Mayor
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and creativity

A proposal of cutting-edge cuisine and excellent selection of culinary offerings that cater to both social and corporate events. The atmosphere is simple yet cozy, comfortable and friendly, resulting in a relaxed environment that lets you enjoy your food using the five senses.

Personal attention reveals the work of an enthusiastic, organized, responsable, and a Team with a common goal: make a lasting impression on your memory!

Our passion is the permanent customer satisfaction and continuous improvement of our services through innovation in our culinary offerings.

Nuestro Equipo





The necessity to work of Matías Smith, just 21 years old and in another country, made him fall in love with the Spanish cuisine and continues to do so since then …

He is a young man with a lot of initiative and drive, he decided to found Metro Gourmet as a new concept in catering. He developed a cutting-edge cuisine and excellent selection of culinary offerings. With this concept he decided to open Metro Bistro – Temple of Debod, after 4 years and due to the high demand of customers he had the opportunity to open a second restaurant in front of Plaza Mayor being able to reach as much people who love good food and drinks from all around the world, combined with the work of his team, creativity, distinction, good taste make the difference that characterizes him.

Nuestros Platos





METRO BISTRO is a subtly simple kitchen, with special care in its presentation, unique dishes made with all our passion and creativity. All this, together with an excellent selection of wines, Author cocktails and a relaxed atmosphere.

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